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Linda Nichols Photography

To excel at anything takes passion.

Passionate is one of the words that friends and family use to describe me. I put my heart and soul into everything I do, especially when it comes to creating images for families to enjoy for a lifetime. 

Aside from my love of photography, I love being a wife and mom. I have two college aged children and a sweet and lovable mini bernedooble. I am an avid pickle baller. My pastimes include admiring architecture, home design, and being a sideline fan at my husband's soccer games. When I am not taking pictures you will find me hosting pizza nights with my husband for my family and friends or at the movie theater. 

I've learned it is the simple things in life that bring me the most happiness.  


I  am  glad  you are  here!

Linda Nichols

Kind     Words

There is no one like Linda! Not only is she an amazing photographer, she is amazing with children and simply an all-around wonderful person.  My entire family looks forward o spending time with Linda and she is truly a miracle worker in engaging my young daughters and eliciting genuine smiles and family moments.  On top of her personality, Linda possesses raw talent for composition and lighting.  Her photos capture real life; they aren't overly edited or overly styled, which i love.  We take photos each year to remember thier fleeting moments with our children and our daughters' evolving personalities, and she captures them in a way I wouldn't entrust to anyone else.  

When is comes to working with Linda, she is quick to respond, flexible and has a habit of going above and beyond. Linda is simply the best!

                                              ~ Meghan

We have loved working with Linda over the years to capture all of our Family's milestones.  She is a joy to work with and the moments she captures bring a smile to me face every time I look at them.  Her pictures are classic and timeless and I happily recommend her time and time again.  Linda is an extension of our family, and I can't sing her praises enough!

                                    ~ Shellie


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Linda Nichols, photographer & Kelly Williams, assistant

Simple    Bright   classic
Linda Nichols Photography